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Olympics 2024 SPORT CLIMBING

The Sport Climbing schedule for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 has been confirmed, two years before the Games begin, and will feature six days of competition.

Awards are to be won in sport climbing on four separate days at Paris 2024, under the timetable distributed by Olympic coordinators and the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).

Occurring during the last seven day stretch of the Olympic Games, the opposition will start with Women’s Speed capability and the Men’s Boulder elimination round on 5 August and come full circle with the Women’s Boulder and Lead last on the 10 August.

With a blend of both orientation and teaches day to day, the new timetable will intend to increment crowd openness while expanding the competitor’s Olympic experience. There will be four days of rivalry for the Speed climbers and six for the Boulder and Lead competitors.


Monday, 5 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round

Women’s Speed qualification

Tuesday, 6 August: 

Women’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Boulder round

Men’s Speed qualification

Wednesday, 7 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round

Women’s Speed final

Thursday, 8 August:

Women’s Boulder & Lead semi-final, Lead round

Men’s Speed final

Friday, 9 August:

Men’s Boulder & Lead final

Saturday, 10 August:

Women’s Boulder & Lead final

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said: 

“It was not easy to find the best combination to benefit the athletes and satisfy the watching public, on site and at home. We learned from Tokyo 2020, and we took into account many different aspects to make a really solid schedule, to showcase our great sport to a global audience.”

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